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Ford Transit Connect Rotational Rack
The Ergo-Rotational Ladder Rack

New: the Ford Transit Connect Mini-Van Racks. Ford's new fuel efficient and smaller work van requires new racking equipment.
The Rotational rack is an ergonomic rack with combinations, which come in all the standard VBB, VBR, VCR, VRR models. The Ford Transit Connect models are noted by the identifying code "TC-03" after the abbreviations  for models: e.g., VBB-TC-01, VBR-TC-01, etc...

Ergo Ladder rack for cargo vans VCR-TC01


Ergo Ladder rack for cargo vans VCR-TC11-3

The top rack is called the AluRack Safari carrier rack – a basic two crossbar rack.

Transit Connect AluRack

 The AluRack Cargo Rack

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